Modern business leaders need solid tech at their disposal. With the rise of mobile devices, apps, in particular, have become must-haves for anyone in charge of a business. The following are among the most useful apps that business owners should be using.


QuickBooks is the industry standard when it comes to accounting software. Made by Intuit, the company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks allows you to track your business expenses, send invoices, collect payments and more. Because of its connection to TurboTax, QuickBooks helps streamline tax season as well by easily exporting data. Although initially a desktop software, QuickBooks has for several years had a robust mobile app that you can use alongside the desktop version.


Slack is an instant messaging app designed with the workplace in mind. Business owners can use it to communicate with their teams instantly, no matter where everyone is physically located. The app supports the ability to send files and helps communicate changes at the last minute. It can be used across your whole company and create strong interdepartmental communication. With everyone on the same page, business operations become more efficient.


Square should be on the radar of any business owner in need of a mobile point of sale system. It can be used to process online as well as in-person sales. Square offers a number of physical products for accepting cards and mobile payments in addition to their app, where you can make sales and track inventory.


RescueTime is a time management app that helps keep you on track by providing reports of how long you spend doing certain things. It tracks time automatically by running in the background of your device, so manual entry is not needed. You can also use it to set goals for how long you want to spend doing certain tasks such as checking e-mail, returning phone calls or using social media.


Trello is a fun app that helps you manage projects in a highly visual way and stay organized. The app has you create digital cork boards which you can then place lists and cards upon. With permission, others can access your boards to gather important information, leave comments and add attachments.


Evernote is incredibly popular in the business world as a note-taking app. It automatically stores your notes in the cloud and syncs them across all your devices, so you won’t forget something important. Because of its widespread popularity, you are unlikely to run into compatibility issues when trying to share your notes with someone else.


For business owners who travel, TripIt is an app to consider installing. TripIt allows you to manage an entire travel itinerary from a single app, which can include spending, flight information, important meeting times and more. The app will give you reminders so you can always be sure where to be.

Business owners should look to use apps to increase their company’s productivity and communication on a number of fronts. If you like a particular app, you can encourage others at your company to use it as well. Try these solid apps, among others, to determine if they are a good match for your needs.