Business Support Services


Benchmark gives you more time to do the work a business owner should be doing and allows your business to benefit from our expertise and experience to get these jobs done right the first time.  You don’t need to hire staff, manage them, or buy expensive equipment.  We use our staff and resources to implement your projects and turn the results over to you.  Simple.

  • General administrative support
  • Email management
  • Meeting and seminar planning and implementation
  • Convention and tradeshow setup and support services
  • Correspondence preparation
  • Report preparation
  • Internet research
  • Business content writing
  • Transcription


Our business sales and support services help you nurture budding business relationships so that you can close the sale and continue to engage and care for your existing clients for return business.  We have over 25 years’ experience in professional sales and tailor our services to your specific needs.

  • Estimate follow up calls

  • Email response and management

  • Email campaigns

  • Direct mail campaigns

  • Customer care calls

  • Sales support services

  • CRM system setup and updating

  • Database development


Your business should have a written business plan to guide you in making decisions today that build your business for tomorrow.  Most importantly, a business plan makes you think through the “how to” of operating your business, keeps you on track, and holds you accountable.  Secondly, should you need funding for your business, a well-written business plan is a must.

We collaborate with you to write your business plan from scratch, work through the marketing and accounting aspects with you, and provide you with a written, comprehensive business plan that will help you build your business.

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